Once upon a time, in a great land called Canada, a millennial was faced with a bizarre dilemma. On one hand, she wanted to explore the great terrains her country had to offer, but on the other, everything she needed for her adventure had to fit into her tiny sedan and her one bedroom apartment.

So was born Justin Case Kayak – a boat for people who just can’t store full size equipment, without paying extra money. Justin Case Kayak started as an idea – a few sketches and a little bit of research. As I talked more about the idea, I was encouraged by the positive response. Finally, I got brave enough to ask for help. Meet Alex and Elijah – two guys from Europe who have a mind for tinkering.


Together, we are taking Justin Case Kayak from a vague idea, to the first awkward prototypes, to a viable product that wo
uld make outdoors more accessible for people not committed (financially and spatially) to the lifestyle.

We invite you to join us on our journey, as we make Justin Case Kayak better and better. We will launch a KickStarter campaign in January 2017. Until then, we are continuously taking suggestions and new ideas on how to improve Justin Case Kayak. We want you to enjoy the boat as much as we do – have it on you just in case, or use it for recreational kayaking, fishing and hiking.

Welcome to the journey. We can’t wait to see what’s around the river bend, and we are happy you’re with us!

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