Hi Adventurers!

We’re sorry we haven’t posted in awhile, but we have been busy working on getting our KickStarter officially launched and keeping the hype going! We are so excited with the outcome and we are thrilled to see all of the generous donations that are helping make our quest for spontaneous adventures possible.

We wanted to take some time and give you a little travel inspiration with this blog. Thanks to its innovative and compact design, so much is possible with the Justin Case Kayak in terms of travel. It is no problem at all to pack it up and take it on an airplane or throw it in a car for your travels.

So in the spirit of spontaneous adventures, we give you: the top 5 place to kayak! Our bucket list includes places that are a little challenging to travel to with a conventional kayak, which is where the JCK comes in.

5. Boundary Waters Superior National Forest: Minnesota, U.S.

Boundary Waters starts off our list at number five. With its 1200 miles of canoe routes and 2000 campsites, Boundary Waters is an ideal place to have a Justin Case Kayak on Hand. Covering one-million plus square acres, the forest has an abundance of breathtaking vistas, impressive hiking trails, and seemingly endless canoe and kayak tracks. With JCK, you can enjoy all Superior Forest has to offer. Thanks to its portability, it is no problem to pack up the kayak and hike to the next lake and then spend a day on the water.

Glacier Bay Snow Mountain Alaska Landscape

4. Glacier Bay: Alaska, U.S.

Glacier Bay is not only a United States National Park, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Park is unique in that you can experience multiple different climate zones in one place. With snow-capped mountain ranges, temperate forests, wild coastlines, deep fjords, and glaciers, there is no shortage of scenery or adventure. This is the perfect place for the Justin Case Kayak, because it won’t slow you down while you travel through the thousands of acres of vibrant parkland.

3. Fiordland, New Zealand

Fiordland is a kayaker’s paradise. This region of New Zealand is defined by deep fjords [or sounds] surrounded by lush rainforests with and incredible view of the snow covered Southern Alps in the distance. The calm waters of the fjords allow for endless, uninterrupted paddling. Incredibly remote, Fiordland has no cities and is only accessible by boat or helicopter, which means that your Justin Case Kayak is a travel necessity thanks to it’s small travel size.

  1. Vancouver Island: British Columbia, Canada

If you want to get close to nature, Vancouver Island should definitely be on your list. Kayakers here have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with orcas, humpback whales, eagles, river otters, black bears, seals, and porpoises. A remote and protected area, the island sheltered waterways make this an ideal place for kayakers. Because getting to the Island will require an airplane and maybe a boat or two, a compact kayak like JCK is a must!


  1. Patagonia: Argentina

Topping our list is a place that is on almost every adventurer’s dream list: Patagonia. Located in South America Argentina, Patagonia is an ideal place for kayakers who take adventuring seriously. Fjords, volcanoes, hot-springs, beaches, glacial rivers, islands, and inlets define this unique part of the country and make for a truly incredible trip. There will be no shortage of opportunities to be spontaneous on this trip, so having a Justin Case Kayak that can go the distance is a must.

There are so many amazing places to kayak and explore. There is no way we can possible do all of them justice. Are you looking to adventure to some of these places? Consider Justin Case Kayak to help get your travel dreams started! And if you have any suggestions of places we should check out, message us!