Did you know that an hour of kayaking can burn over 350 calories? Pretty cool, right?

And that’s not all! There are a few more ways that kayaking can keep you healthy. First off, kayaking can build strength. All that paddling can pay dividends when it comes to arm muscle definition and strength. The added resistance of the water makes it an especially productive way to get a good arm workout in. But the arms aren’t the only muscles that can get stronger from kayaking.

When you kayak, the twisting motion of paddling seriously works your core muscles. Some kayakers even argue that an hour of kayaking is a more intense ab workout than spending 40 minutes on just abs at the gym. The compound strength and coordination required by kayaking means that you can have the toned arms and abs that you have always wanted.

Kayaking is also good for your heart. We’ve all been told over and over that the secret to a healthy life and a fit body is consistently raising your heart rate for at least 60 minutes each day. The paddling that kayaking requires is a great aerobic workout that gets your heart pumping and your blood moving. It’ a great way to keep your heart healthy and your body moving.

Stress is a huge factor in our lives nowadays. From worrying about work, family, school, responsibilities, who is going to cook dinner, and if the dog was fed, we manage some serious stress on a day to day basis. Kayaking can help manage and decrease stress. Exercise naturally decreases stress and releases endorphins so because kayaking is such a great workout, it has these same benefits! Also, kayaking is a silent and non-competitive sport. It is the perfect opportunity for you to clear your head and just focus on you for a while.

Then there is the Vitamin D. When your body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D you feel it in your mood. Vitamin D is also really difficult to get from foods, so taking some time to get outside and soak up some of the sun’s rays can give our body the Vitamin D it craves. You also get the added mood boost of just being outside. After all, who doesn’t love being out on the water and immersed in nature?

Finally, kayaking can boost your confidence. Whenever you navigate a particularly tricky river or make it over some whitewater, your confidence goes up. Kayaking can help you build confidence in yourself by teaching you that you can overcome obstacles and reach goals. Want to make it to that far island? You can do it! Want to make it across the lake before dark? Go for it! Building confidence can improve every aspect of our lives and getting it from something like kayaking can make it all the more impactful.

So we know we just threw a lot out there at you, but we just really wanted to get across how awesome kayaking is for your health! At Justin Case Kayak we want our customers to have the full kayaking experience, health benefits included, which is why we wanted to create a kayak that was accessible for everyone. So what are you waiting for?! Get out there on the water and paddle away!