In order to build the Justin Case Kayak for optimal portability and minimal weight, we had to take a hard look at building materials for the frame. After all, the frame not only gives the kayak structure, it also accounts for the majority of the weight.

Taking both of these things into consideration, we knew we had to find a material that was both strong and lightweight. We did our research and looked into all of the possible things we could use to make the Justin Case Kayak a reality and settled on carbon fibre.

Not only did carbon fibre check off all of our wish-list attributes for our kayak, it is also most typically found in tube or pole form, so we knew it was an easy jump from those to the building blocks (or should we say tubes) of our portable kayak.

Why carbon fibre you ask? Well, let us tell you how cool it is.

First, carbon fibre has a high strength to weight ratio, which basically means that it can withstand incredibly amount of weight for how little it weighs. So you can load up your Justin Case kayak with not only yourself but also all the gear you need for your adventures.

Next, carbon fibre is incredibly rigid and it’s rigidity makes it very resistant to bending which is perfect for being out on the water. We wanted to make sure that our kayak would be prepared everywhere you may take it.

Carbon fibre is corrosion resistant which is a very important feature for a material that is going to frequently be exposed to water. While the frame is covered, we knew that we needed a material that was going to be able to hold up to being pretty constantly wet without rusting or falling apart which makes the corrosion resistance so important.

Last, but certainly not least, carbon fibre resists expanding and contracting with temperature changes. This means that your frame will stay the same size even if it goes from being in direct sunlight into a cold body of water.

For all these reasons, including the added benefit of it being relatively inexpensive, we decided that carbon fibre was the way to go for our Justin Case kayak. We’re so excited to make the Justin Case kayak a reality! Over the next few weeks we will be telling you more and more about our kayak all the way up to its January 2017 launch date, so keep following along to learn more!