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Justin Case FAQ

By itself, Justin Case Kayak weighs 5.7 lbs, or about 10x less than a standard hard-shell kayak. Additional accessories, like extra seat padding add a little bit of weight.

Remarkably, Justin Case Kayak can carry 58x its own weight. Maximum capacity is 330 lbs.

Give yourself a few extra minutes the first time you assemble the kayak (15 minutes). Once you get a hand of it, assembly of Justin Case Kayak will be just 10 minutes.

Ripstop fabric is very durable. It is woven out of nylon, with a special reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to tearing and ripping. It also has a large strength-to-weight ratio. If you do get a small tear, thee fabric is designed to it from spreading.

Skin designs and colors are up to you – new colors and designs will be added once we reach a stretch goal of $28,000 on KickStarter.

Yes, paddles are included with your order.

KickStarter early birds can expect their kayaks to shop within 3 months of purchase. Everyone else will  have to wait about 3.5 months.

Don’t worry, a simple repair kit is included with your purchase.

Glad you asked! Justin Case Kayak uses significantly less material than a typical hard-shell kayak. We are actively working with suppliers and materials that will help reduce our carbon footprint.