The weather is getting so nice and having the chance to be out on the water with our Justin Case Kayak has been awesome. We hope that all of you have managed to get some quality time adventuring and exploring!

Kayaking is a pretty athletic sport. There is a lot of paddling and that can get tiring fast, especially if the waves are big or the current is strong. Thankfully, there are ways that you can quickly become a better and stronger kayaker.

One of the primary things that kayakers usually want to work on is their kayak stroke. The stronger your stroke, the better your kayaking experience will be. You will be able to paddle for longer and have a better kayaking trip because of it. Just do these three simple exercises and your stroke will be next level!

  1. Chest Fly – The Chest Fly is a great exercise to improve your chest, bicep, and shoulder strength. This upper body exercise will help you develop your upper body and make your strokes longer and more powerful.

To perform the chest fly, use a resistance band and wrap it around a stationary object like a pole or a tree. Stagger your legs with one in front and one behind and face away from the pole or tree. Grab the ends of the resistance band and place about 80% of your weight on your front leg. Hold the ends of the bands and pull your arms in front of you. Think of giving something in front  of you a bear hug. Inhale as your arms open and exhale as you pull your arms in front of you. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions per leg.

  1. Hay Baler with Medicine Ball – The Hay Baler is a great core exercise. When you do this, you will feel your abs, shoulders, and chest being worked. Because core strength is required for a strong paddle, this will help you grow stronger and get less fatigued.

Kneel on the ground and place your knees hip-width apart. Start with the medicine ball above one shoulder with a slight core rotation. Breathe in and lower the ball across the body towards the hip and then breathe out as you raise it above the opposite shoulder. Keep your back straight and tall as you do this. Do 50 of these.

  1. Pull Downs – Pull Downs work your arms, back, and shoulders. These will help you develop the muscles you need to have an all around stronger kayaking stroke.

Do these by wrapping a resistance band around an anchor at or above head height. Standing with a slight bend in the knees and a straight back, grab the ends of the bands and keep your arms extended above the head. Hold the resistance bands and pull down on them with straight arms until they reach your thighs. Slowly release upwards after holding for 3 seconds. Do 3 sets of 12.

After doing these exercises for a month consistently, you should notice a significant improvement in your kayak stroke. With dedicated practice and workouts, you will quickly get a powerful kayak stroke that will last for as long as your adventure does.