Camping is fun, exciting and…intimidating, especially if you haven’t done it before. Here is a neat guide to useful essentials when you are out enjoying the great outdoors! We know that we have some enthusiastic campers and campers-to-be in our midst so here are the three camping gadgets that we don’t think you should leave home without.

1.) G2-5” Firebox Stove

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The passion project of a 2015 Kickstarter campaign, the G2-5” Firebox Stove in an ingenious little invention that makes campsite cooking so much easier. Able to draw heat from a multitude of sources, from wood and alcohol burners to butane and and solid fuel pellets, the Firebox Stove is a foldable little stove that can support everything from a heavy dutch oven to a little camping cup. A great addition to your next camping excursion, the Firebox Stove will make campsite cooking a breeze.


2.) Swedish Firesteel

If you have ever been caught with a soggy pack of matches or a lighter that has run out of fuel, you know the irritation and frustration of not having a reliable fire lighter. Swedish Firesteel solves this problem! Featuring a magnesium fire starter and a reliable striker, Swedish Firesteel can always be counted on to light a fire when and where you need it. It works in rain and snow (usually) and doesn’t require fuel. What could be better than that?

3.) BioLight PowerLight Bundle

BioLight is one of those tools that one camper tells another camper about and both agree that they don’t know how they ever lived without it. The BioLight Powerlight Bundle is a super useful thing for all campers to have. Featuring a super bright handheld lantern and chain lights to light up your campsite, BioLights are portable, easy to use, and rechargeable with any USB cord. Did we mention they can be a power source for your other chargeable gear as well? Packing at least a full 24 hours of power, BioLights are an important part of every camper’s gear. 

Camping is incredibly fun and rewarding, even more so if you have the right gear and tools. Before your next camping trip, make sure to get yourself all of these three things to make your camping trip fun, enjoyable, and a breeze for everyone.